Form and function
at equal levels

No compromise

We fully recognise the industry need to make no compromise to design needs or quality demands. Rimgard's patented technology can therefore be integrated and installed in many different ways, take many different A-surface forms - with no compromise to material standards or level of deterrence.

High grade materials

Solid & Resilient

We use only the most reliable materials in our components. Aluminum, tough and resistant to force, and solid steel for a strong installation.

Painted in compliance with industry standards

Intelectual property

Broad and global patent family

Our solutions are successfully patented, protecting our unique features and innovations, securing the exclusive rights to design and functionality both to us and our industry and OEM clients.

Extensive testing

Tension, Torsion, ZWARP & Corrosion

24 hours on the Nürburgring, 1 000 hours Saltspray, Accelerated corrosion, Tension & Torsion and more. All according to industry standards. All passed with very satisfying results.

Any shape and form

Design possibilities are limitless

As long as it follows the principle of limiting the access to the lugs a Rimgard lock can have many different shapes. Sometimes even be a design enabler, opening for new unexplored design opportunities.

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Designed for a range of wheels

Rimgard Original

Our original solution can be designed to fit a range of wheels as standard equipment or after market accessory.

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Design for one wheel

Rimgard Original as a bespoke solution

Because sometimes, one size does not fit all

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Seamless integration

Rimgard technology applied to existing design

We call it "Stealth" because when done, Rimgard will be on the inside and yet not visible to the outside.

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Industry and OEM

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