How to stop wheel theft

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We take pride in our ability to transform our creative innovation capacity into engineering perfection. Always with the same goal - to deliver superior wheel security.

Accessory For a range of wheels or bespoke to one

Rimgard Original

Installed in the center of the wheel effectively eliminating access to the lugs and secured with the Rimgard customised ASSA ABLOY 66 000 combination cylinder lock.

The outer module can be designed to fit a range of wheels or made bespoke for one wheel.

As an integrated part of the wheel itself

Rimgard Stealth

The principle is the same, we eliminate access to the wheel lugs. Only this time, we utilise the design of the wheel and integrate our technology into that.

The result is a seamlessly and invisible integration of a Rimgard wheel lock into the actual wheel design with no compromise to either design or security.

One more thing

Our second game changer

It's a bold claim to make, we know. But this innovation will truly change the framework for our customers. And of course with no compromise to the superior security for which we stand.

Staying with the concept

Two key principles

Eliminate access and seal with a real lock.

No. 1

Eliminate access to the lugs

With a tight fit and no room for prying, make it extremely hard for the perpetrator to remove the module without extreme force causing severe damage to the wheel.

No. 2

Secure with a real lock

By "lock" we mean a real lock with a real key. Our locking cylinder is a for our purposes specially modified high security cylinder from world leading ASSA ABLOY. It is not something you jerk open with a paper clip, it holds 66 000 combinations and comes with a real key.

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