Rimgard: World's first unbreakable wheel lock
Rimgard® is the world's first real wheel keeper.

Keep your wheels™ and sleep well at night
- wherever you parked your car 

Our Story

We manufacture a patented rim lock that prevents theft of aluminum wheels for cars.
With Rimgard mounted, the risk of wheel theft is eliminated.

Rimgard revolutionizes the way in which car owners
can protect themselves from wheel theft.

When Rimgard is mounted, heels expand in the hub of the rim, which fixates the wheel lock.
A lock solution from Assa Abloy makes sure that dismantling is only possible with access to the Rimgard key.

Once in place, all the bolts are protected, and the wheels are thereby impossible to remove.



When Rimgard® was put to the test by external testing engineers they soon labeled it "unbreakable".
Pssst, you can, of course, drive around with Rimgard® mounted on your rims