The Product


The Background

When the founder and inventor of Rimgard suffered a theft of his wheels for the third time he decided to take action. Locking bolts didn’t stop the perpetrators in any way, and therefore, he deemed it necessary to develop a new, innovative product. A few years of intense research and development later, and Rimgard was born.

It is the world’s first wheel keeper.

The Concept

The initial question concerned how one can prevent access to the bolts in the best way. That required a module that covers and locks away the bolts. A global patent search showed that nothing similar was available on the market.

The Solution

In order to figure out the optimal way to have the module fixed to the rim, several different models were produced over the course of three and a half years. After testing different solutions, a central expansion system was chosen. The product is inserted into the hub of the rim and, once inside, expands and is locked into place.

How To Mount

Rimgard is incredibly easy to mount. With three simple steps, the car owners get to keep their wheels.
1. Remove the hubcap from the rim and place the Rimgard over the bolts.
2. Fixate the Rimgard by using the mounting tool and a torque wrench (maximum 100 Nm) so that there is an expansion of the Rimgard on the inside of the rim.
3. Insert the locking cylinder and turn the key. Take the key out and put the hubcap back. 
Each Rimgard kit comes with a set of two keys, along with a key card with a unique key car number. With this number, one is able to order new keys, if need be.

Improved Design

Since auto manufacturers can no longer anti-rust treat bolts as before, Rimgard also mitigates the design hurdle by covering the bolts. According to popular opinion, our product doesn’t detract from the look of the rim. Rather, it adds to it. It comes in three colors as standard, which means that one is able to customize the look of one’s rim according to personal preference.

Rimgard also solves another problem: it enables car dealers to protect the cars that they have in stock, as well as their demo cars. Through Rimrent, car dealers are able to rent Rimgards for the time that the cars are in stock, and later let the same product come with the customer when they buy the car. That way, the rims can be protected at all times. Without Rimgard

Certifications and Tests
Rimgard has been thoroughly tested, both in laboratories as well as in real life situations. The company has had a number of cars equipped with Rimgards, and have been driving them approximately one million kilometers in all types of harsh weather conditions. Some of the cars equipped with the product have also been driven without a center cap cover, thus having the lock itself fully exposed. No issues were found with the locks and their functionality during these tests.

The following tests have also been performed by third-parties:
- RISE, Research Institute of Sweden: Theft resistance according to Class II
- TÜV, Austria: Stress test under pressure
- Assa Testing Laboratory in Sweden: Theft resistance by trying to insert a screw and pull out the core of the lock, which only resulted in the screw coming out at 930 kg force, leaving the lock inside. Also, by attaching steel wires around the Rimgard’s ”fingers” and trying to pull the entire unit out of a wheel - resulting in the wires snapping at a force of 2,3 tonnes, leaving the Rimgard unaffected.

After these tests, the product could be removed and mounted again without any visible damage.

Several patents have already been granted both in Sweden and the US and are also pending (PCT) in about 180 countries, including the EU.

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